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A bow saw is a manually operated tool used in woodworks for smooth or warped cuts.  I have a thin coarse blade of tempered steel. The blade of a bow saw has series of teeth to cut hard material like wood or metal. The blade is installed in a stretched frame which is shaped as a bow. Some bow saws have H-type shape.

The frame of a bow saw is made of steel. It has a grip to clutch in one hand. Mostly, a bow saw can be operated in one hand while the other hand can hold the material it cuts. Some saws have grips on both ends so that two persons may operate them. Such saws are suitable to saw down heavy and thick wood. The two ends of the frame have two movable hooks. The blade of a bow saw is held in tension between the two hooks.  When the saw blade is to be fixed in, one of them is screwed out to set the blade in. Then it is screwed in to give the blade ample strain. Vice versa, the blade, when blunt, is to be removed. Some modern saws don’t have screws but hook on one side to set the blade in and then the hook is handled down. The hook of a bow saw is made of brass which can defy wear and tear. The hook and the pin are vital parts of the saw and its performance depends much on their long life.  The blade of the saw has to be suitable strained otherwise it may break or damage the wood it cuts. These days, blades are made of carbon steel which has long life. It is rust free too.

Modern bow saws have wide blade for every kind of rough works. Their blade can only give straight cut. But traditional bow saws are of H-shape. It has two handles to grip. Its blade is slim, less than ¼”. Traditional bow saw is used in woodcraft. It can cut the wood straight or give it curved cuts. Almost every hardware manufacturer tries to revamp the design and shape of a bow saw frame. Each one claims to have invented the best one. The shape of the frame of bow saws definitely makes the difference. It pivots the cutting edge of the blade on the material with the thrust of the wrist. The antique bow saw had wooden frame. However, wooden pin had very small life as it has to bear the burnt sawing. Subsequently, inventiveness in tool making opens variegated ways. Hence, this saw sees many developments.

What should be the size of the handle of the saw? The bigger or the shorter is a questionable issue because the handle of the saw is vital to its performance. It is the handle which directs the energy of the arm to the blade of a bow saw. The common perception with the workmen is that bigger one is more suitable. Big handle makes grip of the hand more flexible but short handle too enables workmen to hold a bow saw firmly and give cuts at will. Modern bow saw has short handle to rest the hand on the handle. It allows your arm to stay behind the hand and concentrate force on the blade of the saw.

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